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Both have zero gravity, are pitch black and require cool suits for their visitors to breathe with.

Halley's commet appears every 75 years. It appeared when the author Mark Twain was born in 1835 and when he died in 1910. He passed when he was, yup, you guessed it; 75.

They both stand on two legs and share the same protein make-up because, science! And of course, they both lay eggs.

If you eat too much cotton candy, chances are, you'll get to sit in this chair. It's no coincidence that they were both invented by dentists.

See, everything is connected, you just need to know how. And we do.

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We live in an age where everyone is talking, but not everyone is heard. This is where we step in. We find that seamless and unexpected connection between brands and people.
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The foundation of any compelling connection is powered by an effective strategic direction. From market research, consumer insights & segmentation; all the way to channel roles and communication objectives – we’ve got you covered.


We transform strategic objectives into effective consumer content. Get your brand message across through creative and relevant campaigns that leverage effective social activations, web design, videos, phygital activations and more.


People forget what you say – but remember how you made them feel. From websites, mobile apps, chatbots, e-Commerce solutions and marketing automation; we connect brand experiences to platforms and technology, tailored for your consumers.

Data Science

The connections don’t end when the campaigns do. We utilise analytics and Marketing Intelligence tools for in-depth tracking, monitoring and reporting. Every connection we make, continuously evolves the next one we create.

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The Heritage Trail

A Brand With Over 150 Years of History

Kiehl's has always believed in appreciating and protecting their heritage. To extend this belief locally, the brand aimed to educate, celebrate and integrate both Kiehl's as well as Malaysia's stories into engaging, entertaining experience.


As history is normally regarded as an uninteresting subject, our challenge was to digitally enable our target audience to experience the colourful diversity of the World Heritage Sites through an engaging and exciting manner.


A Kiehl's sampling exercise to promote and raise awareness on World Heritage Sites located here in Malaysia led to the creation of The Heritage Trail. This compact, colourful and mobile responsive microsite uses infographic styling and visual storytelling to create a seamless and interactive educational treasure hunt.

How It Works?

The Heritage Trail is a mobile responsive and interactive microsite that uses visual storytelling to take users on a treasure hunt.


The campaign went viral with zero media push.

  • Deluxe samples ran out in

    1st week
  • 50%

    in-store redemption

  • RM16,745

    raised for Taman Negara



Tutor TV UPSR website is a portal that provides revision content to enhance users' learning experience after tuning in to Tutor TV UPSR shows. In 2014, the site experienced a large decrease in monthly unique visitors but numbers spiked from July to September as UPSR drew closer.


Based on our findings, we found that the key factor to the drop in numbers was due to kids' general dislike for studying. We then took a look at what they did like and why.

Kids love playing games as they are easy, exciting and have an element of competitiveness. The ability to win is a major carrot for them to constantly come back for more.


Shift studying from 'Dislike' to 'Like' by incorporating the things that users love:

How It Works?

We turned Tutor TV UPSR into a Superhero training ground where users are encouraged with rewards to advance through the ranks.

  1. Create their own avatar profile
  2. Answer bite-sized quizzes to earn points
  3. Unlock new superpowers whenever they hit certain levels
  4. Download tips, essay examples and articles


By integrating a gamification concept with studying, the site has managed to keep users engaged, encouraging them to explore all site features.

  • Total Users

  • Total Pageviews

  • Superpowers Used

  • Questions Answered

  • Total Search

  • Articles Read


Dunia Ceria


Astro Ceria is Malaysia's first children-dedicated TV channel with a primary target audience aged between 4-9 years old; a group that's too young to sign up on any social media platforms. Apart from linear interactions with TV shows, there was no social platform engaging children for their feedback or to communicate the latest Ceria updates.


The idea was to build a community platform that not only integrates Astro Ceria shows and events in the gameplay but also allows children to virtually communicate, engage and interact with Astro Ceria contents.


Utilising massively multiplayer online game format, Dunia Ceria, Malaysia's first ever free online community for children was created. This virtual world integrates Astro Ceria contents like Popstar, Chichi Chacha and Kelab Muzik Dee through a combination of simple, interactive and vibrant design.

How It Works?

  1. Integrated Ceria Events & Games
  2. Meet New Friends
  3. Personalised Avatars
  4. Virtual Homes to Decorate
  5. Cool Outfits and Collectibles


Dunia Ceria’s introduction and popularity led to the increase of visits and a consistency in traffic during downtime periods for Astro Ceria.

Dockers Wingman


Dockers’ new global brand campaign, ‘Fit For Every Moment’ aims to connect the brand with their consumer's key life moments. The brand also launched a new product silo program consisting of 4-pant pillars that are based on consumer's outfit for different occassions to simplify their product offerings.


Despite having a presence in the Malaysian market, Dockers is still viewed as a product that caters to a mature audience. The general perception of the 25-40 year old target group is that ‘Dockers is not stylish. It’s the pants that my Dad wears’.


To align our campaign with the brand’s global direction, we tapped into the minds of our young male audience. When it comes to key life moments, such as attending their first interview and proposing to the love of their life, we found that:

Hence, our aim was to highlight the versatility and quality that Dockers has to offer to ensure that our audience stay comfortable and confident throughout important occasions.


Every man has that good friend or wingman that they turn to, especially when it concerns important life decisions. For this campaign, we picked notable TV host, Henry Golding, to help our audience prepare for their key moments based on the expertise and experience that he has. To keep things simple, we hosted the activation via Dockers Malaysia Facebook page.

How It Works

The entire prepping session was also recorded and turned into a campaign video to showcase participant's journey.


The campaign video received a total of 231,877 views in 3 weeks. We also attained the highest number of engagement (reactions, comments and shares) compared to all previously run Dockers campaigns.

KFC Malaysia


Despite launching in 2012, kfcdelivery.com remains relatively unknown to consumers due to the lack of awareness. Those that have used the online delivery website have had an unfriendly experience with it, due to its poor UI and UX as well as being non-mobile responsive.


In order to have a more efficient and streamlined ordering experience for their consumers, KFC wanted to shift the purchasing behaviour from calling in to placing their orders online. The fast food brand however had two websites; one to house their corporate content, and the other, an e-commerce platform. Besides unoptimised UI/UX, kfcdelivery.com also made it mandatory for users to register an account before making a purchase. There have also been numerous occasions wherein the users were unable to order online delivery because their location cannot be found, even though it is included in KFC's delivery coverage area.


We merged both websites to create one functional solution; kfc.com.my. To increase awareness on their online delivery service, prominence was given to e-commerce with the corporate component being secondary. Having one domain name also helped both advertising and marketing efforts as users will only be led to one website.

Overhauling of UI/UX

  1. Highlight menu and promos upfront and streamlined navigation for a seamless purchasing process.
  2. Integrated Google Maps solution to solve delivery location detection issue.
  3. Allow users to checkout as 'guests' without signing up for an account.

Ongoing Enhancement

By using site and data analytics, we began to understand and identify friction points, gaining necessary insights about the website. This include

  • User's preferences in terms of design and site navigation via A/B testing.

  • Store operation insights, such as average delivery time to customers, store closure frequencies and order ratios by location size.

  • Potential delivery areas for KFC to expand to an account.

This gave KFC valuable marketing intelligence in order to streamline their media buying strategy to optimise acquisition rates and receive higher ROI.


  • Sales increased by 20%

  • Conversion increased from 5% to 16%

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